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Plains fish identification training improves staff performance and data quality
Abstract: Species misidentifications during field surveys of aquatic organisms results in mis-estimated distributions, biased occupancy analyses, and possibly, inappropriate conservation actions. Morphologically similar organisms, including some…

Evaluation of Longrie-Fectau fish passage structure
Abstract: Connectivity is critical for freshwater fish conservation, and the design of fish passage structures is a tradeoff between the space available for construction, slope, and costs associated with the structure. The Longrie-Fectau fish passage…

Some terms naturally go together like "Colorado Parks and Wildlife" and "world-class fishing."

Few would ever add to that list the term “Superfund sites.”

That's because Colorado Parks and Wildlife's 42 parks are recreation meccas. Its 350…

Fundamentals of fish habitat restoration
CPW aquatic researcher and stream restoration manager Matt Kondratieff's presentation to Dr. Myrick's FW 204 Introduction to Fisheries Biology course at CSU.

CPW Aquatic research publications, reports, and presentations 2021-2022
Aquatic research publications, reports, and presentations

Co-host Anders Halverson talks with Dr. Kevin Rogers about efforts to save the Greenback Cutthroat Trout on Colorado’s Eastern Slope. Think of it as story the producers of CSI Miami would write, if they were fortunate enough to be fisheries…

Research and work done on establishing whirling-disease resistant trout in Colorado
Whirling disease-resistant rainbow trout development and post-stocking survival and recruitment evaluations in the Upper Colorado River

Response of trout populations and pool depths to large wood in streams
A presentation on manipulating fish habitat to increase trout populations in a stream

Whitewater park projects: guidance for reviewing 404 documents
A guidance document for reviewing whitewater park projects

From gold mining to gold medal fishery: evaluating the fishery response to stream restoration on the Upper Arkansas River in Colorado
The legacy of mining and how it's still affecting the Arkansas River today. CPW used a habitat restoration project to mitigate the effects and ongoing fish population monitoring to assess the health of the river.
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