A perspective on the Journal of Wildlife Management

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A perspective on the Journal of Wildlife Management


The Journal of Wildlife Management (JWM) Editor-in-Chief, P. R. Krausman, invited the lead author of this editorial to convene other senior and mid-career scientists to assess the good, bad, and ugly aspects of publication in JWM relative to similar journals. The 15 authors have considerable experience and are well published in JWM and other journals. The number of years of experience will go unreported here, but the number of papers published in JWM by each author ranges from 2 to 37, with a median of 13. We therefore bring a broad perspective to this editorial.

We focused on 4 questions:
1.What are the positive aspects of publishing in JWM?

2. What are the negatives of doing so?

Should The Wildlife Society (TWS) be concerned about the relatively low impact factor of JWM?

Do we have any suggestions for improvements for JWM?

Because the authors brought unique perspectives to the effort, our editorial is not intended to be a consensus document. Although most authors agreed with most of the comments, we chose not to water down any opinions to gain total agreement. Hence, although most of us are primarily researchers, we hope our views capture those of many members of TWS, recognizing that TWS members will also hold a diversity of views.

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Johnson, D. H., C. Anderson Jr., R. D. Applegate, L. Bailey, E. Cooch, J. Feiberg, A. B. Franklin, R. J. Gutiérrez, K. V. Miller, J. D. Nichols, N. D. Niemuth, D. Otis, C. A. Ribic, M. M. Rowland, and T. L. Shaffer. 2021. Editor's Message: A perspective on the Journal of Wildlife Management. The Journal of Wildlife Management 87:1305-1308. https://doi.org/10.1002/jwmg.22110


Johnson, Douglas H.
Anderson Jr, Charles R.
Applegate, Roger D.
Bailey, Larissa
Cooch, Evan
Fieberg, John
Franklin, Alan B.
Gutiérrez, R. J.
Miller, Karl V.
Nichols, James D.
Niemuth, Neal D.
Otis, David
Ribic, Christine A.
Rowland, Mary M.
Shaffer, Terry L.


Journal of Wildlife Management
Wildlife management


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Johnson, Douglas H. et al., “A perspective on the Journal of Wildlife Management,” CPW Digital Collections, accessed June 17, 2024, https://cpw.cvlcollections.org/items/show/215.