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The Commission has approved three other predator control plans since revising its predator management policy in 2007. Approval was granted in 2011 to remove individual mountain lions preying on translocated desert bighorn sheep in the Middle Delores…

Fact sheet about abdominal worms. Abdominal worms live in the abdomen of Colorado deer. These worms do not cause disease and are not a concern for human health.

Fact sheet on acidosis in Colorado. Acidosis is a severe and often fatal disease in deer, elk, and other wild hoofed stock species that consume an excess of high-carbohydrate feed.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife coordinates a broad multijurisdictional watercraft inspection and decontamination network to protect waters from invasive zebra and quagga mussels and other invasive species. Recreational watercraft is the main vector of…

The State Aquatic Nuisance Species (ANS) Act was signed into law May 2008. The Act defines ANS as exotic or nonnative aquatic wildlife or any plant species that have been determined to pose a significant threat to the aquatic resources or water…

Fact sheet on species affected by avian botulism in Colorado.

Bacterial kidney disease research fact sheet.pdf
Native and sport fish populations across Colorado are impacted by many factors including habitat alterations associated with changes in stream flows, temperature, and water quality, and a host of less obvious biological threats from diseases and…

Blue Mesa lake trout.pdf
Fact sheet on achieving lake trout and kokanee fishery objectives through lake trout harvest.

With bumpy green-to-brown skin (occasionally rust or gray) and a thin white stripe along the back, boreal toads look similar to Woodhouse’s toads. Boreal toads occur mostly above 8,000 feet in elevation, whereas Woodhouse’s toads occur mostly below…

Fact sheet covering species affected in Colorado, what to look for, cause and transmission, and public health considerations.
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