WaTSS user manual: water temperature summary software

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WaTSS user manual: water temperature summary software


Water temperature is perhaps the single most important environmental parameter for fish (Magnusen et al. 1979). As ectothermic organisms, ambient temperature drives survival (Dickerson and Vinyard 1999, Bear et al. 2007, Underwood et al. 2012, Brinkman et al. 2013), behavior
(Casselman 1978, Mesing and Wicker 1986, Cook and Bergersen 1988, Rogers 1998), growth (Selong et al. 2001, Meeuwig et al. 2004, Bear et al. 2007, Ziegler et al. 2013, Brinkman et al. 2013), and other physiological processes (Brett 1979), as well as defining the range a fish can occupy (Dunham et al. 2003, de la Hoz Franco and Budy 2005. Recent concerns over changing climactic conditions on fish (Ficke et al. 2007, Rahel and Olden 2007, Wenger et al. 2011, Peterson et al. 2013, Roberts et al. 2013) and its implications for persistence of threatened or endangered species has led to a proliferation of water temperature monitoring efforts (Isaak et al. 2012, Ziegler et al. 2013b). The combination of heightened interest coupled with the availability of relatively inexpensive and durable temperature loggers has precipitated an explosion in the use of these devices that has spread to applied uses in fish management as well, beyond just monitoring water quality. From detecting timing of fry emergence that inform water management practices to predicting optimum timing to implement successful wild spawn operations, use of these devices is becoming routine. While inexpensive remote temperature loggers have been available for several decades, interpreting the resulting data has been hampered by the lack of user friendly software. The hope is that this program can serve as a developing platform to make common analyses of temperature data readily available to managers and researchers alike.


Rogers, Kevin B.


Water temperature
WaTSS 3.0 (water temperature summary software)


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Rogers, Kevin B., “WaTSS user manual: water temperature summary software,” CPW Digital Collections, accessed May 25, 2024, https://cpw.cvlcollections.org/items/show/371.